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How to Make Bag with Color Paper | DIY Paper Bags Art Craft

How to Make Bag with Color Paper | DIY Paper Bags Art Craft

It is very easy and simple to make beautiful paper bags at home. In fact, it is a very good idea to use your free time and utilize those pretty magazine covers and papers that are a complete waste. If you wish to transform uselessly lying papers in your house then handmade paper bags make a fantastic idea.

In this post, we bring you to simple paper bag making at home. Follow the steps for DIY paper bag making using the creative paper bag design ideas that have been shared below.

Steps to Make Handmade Paper Bags at Home

Start with a rectangular paper

You can take a rectangular paper of any size which can be a glaze sheet, color paper or a sheer from some magazine. You can save your time by using the edges of your sheet.

Spruce it up

It is always better to decorate your bag before the assembling as you get a better surface but while doing that know the right side to make sure that you don’t mess up your bag.

Begin with making the bag

Place the sheet on a flat surface with decorations facing down. Make sure that the short sides are placed horizontally and long sides are vertically placed.

Fold to crease bottom edges

In order to create the bottom of the bag, you have to fold the bottom edges for up to 2 inches to sharply crease the fold and then unfold.

Marking center points

Simply bring the short sides close in the center and pinch the bottom and top and mark these points using a pencil and you will get the center points. Same has to be done with the long sides. You will have six marks in the end, three for long and three for short sides.

Fold the short sides

It is time to fold the short edge to the center marking and fold it to crease it. Now bring the left side of the short edge to flip it over it and glue the both together as they overlap. Ensure that the glue dries out before heading on to the other steps.

Fold side-creases

Now have the glued-side facing down. Mark on the sides by measuring 1 to 1.5 inches on the left side. Now fold the left side of the bag by pushing the crease towards the inside of the bag so that the outer edge of the fold meets the marking you had made. Press it to make it a new fold. Repeat the same on the right side.

Work on the bottom

Look for the crease lines you had created in the start and that is going to be your bottom. Press the ends against each other facing upward and fold the edges into triangles. This will create two triangles on both the edges. Now bring the open ends close to each other, one overlapping the other in order to glue them together. This will leave you with a square-shaped bottom.

Open the bag

Before moving ahead, open the bag to ensure that all the ends have glued properly.

Put on the handles (optional)

Ribbons, strings and even ropes, you can choose any kinds or you can simply have no handles at all. Just punch two holes on the top of your bag on both the sides but don’t keep them too close to the edges. For better strength, use glue or clear tape to secure hole’s edges. Just insert the ribbon through the hole and tie a knot on the inside so that it doesn’t slip away to create handles.

These are the steps to have an easy color paper bag made at home. Follow these guidelines and create your own simple paper bag at home.

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